The Church of St. Ioan Bogoslov

Dating: 1752
Protection # : 831
Address: Gogol Street, 4
Categories: architectural monument;
Epoch: the Cossack Age;
Status: Architectural monument of national importance;
Personalities: Yurii Fedorovych Lysianskyi; St. Ioan Kronstadtskiy; Ivan Ternaviot;
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Church of St. Ioan Bogoslov was built in 1752 at the expense of Nizhyn merchants. Nizhyn Greek Ioan Ternaviot made a significant contribution. In the style aspect church building belongs to the transitional stage: from late Baroque to Classicism. The presence of the second floor is a rare feature of the Church of St. Ioan Bogoslov.

Built in the middle of the 18th century, at the former Moscow street replacing a wooden church. Due to the three-dimensional solution it belongs to a variety of tetrakonhovy buildings. Stone church, one dome type, type - groin short arms (to the east and west adjacent of the same level eksedry) - centric temple.

Good facilities proportions emphasized the slender, elongated pyramidal silhouette with light drum designed decorations in the spirit of the late Ukrainian Baroque. The two-store consyructions - the first church was warm, the second - cold, a quite rare feature for Ukrainian church architecture.

Facades are rich, niches zones divide them into layers. First settled more subdued, rusticated pilasters, window openings concise treatment. The second layer has smooth pilasters and advanced processing window openings (niches traction complex profile and locks). The ground floor is covered with a semicircular arch. The upper floor is for light, east Conch is painted with traditional oil painting of the 18th century. Drumpiers - painted with the pictures of the early 19th century, with architectural motifs. Experts see in this monument some features of the works of I.H. Hryhorovych-Bar.

Ivan Ternaviot descendant of king Ternaviot. His father Peter and grandfather Sterij were well-known Nizhyn vijts (the head of the community).

From the balcony of St. Ioan Church the city and its residents were blessed by St. Ivan of Kronstadt, while visiting Nizhyn.

In 1954-1955 gg. restoration works were carried out.

Currently, there is the Department of the State Archives of Chernihiv region in the building.

Author(-s): L.M. Rudenko

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