All Saints Greek Church

Dating: 1805р
Protection # : 826
Address: Hrebinky Str., 31
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Categories: architectural monument;
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All Saints Greek Church was built from 1760 to 1805 with the direct participation of the Nezhyn Greek fraternity, the founder and patron of which at one time became Ivan Mazepa.

The church was built on the site wooden of 1692 and the first stone church of All Saints, which was disassembled "for dilapidation" in the 1760s. It is an archaic type of the church, distributed in the Balkans. It has features of classicism. The Nizhyn masters created a new unsurpassed wooden iconostasis. The author of the project and paintings of which was the famous Nizhyn artist Olexander Koshelyl. On December 4, 1994, the All Saints Greek Church restored its ministry after a 34-year break.
Author(-s): Kulik L.Yu.

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