Yurii (Heorhii) Viktorovych Vulf

Years of life: 22.06.1863 - 25.12.1925
Categories: Personalities;
Personalities: Yurii (Heorhii) Viktorovych Vulf;

A scientist, who studied crystal physics.

was born on 22th (10GC.) June, 1863 in Nizhyn. A corresponding member of the ASUSSR (1921), a professor of Warsaw, Kazan and Moscow Universities. He had scientific works in the sphere of crystallography and crystal optics, radial and structural analysis. He deduced the law of interferences, X-rays’ reflection from the crystal (1913, Wulff-Brehhov formula).

In 1913, independently from the British people, father and son, Henrіand Lourens, chose a completely different way. H.V. Vulf discovered the law of interference of X-rays, which had been reflected by the atomic plane of crystals and he also deduced a basic formula of ray diffraction analysis (known as the Brehh-Vulf condition or the rule of Brehh-Vulf). Despite the fact that the article of Vulfand the English article were published almost simultaneously, Brehhs were awarded the Nobel Prize (1915) and Vulf remained unrewarded.