Nestor Vasylovych Kukolnyk

Years of life: 20.09.1809 - 20.12.1868
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Personalities: Nestor Vasylovych Kukolnyk;

A Russian writer, a playwright, a poet, a literary critic, a composer, a publisher and a public figure.

Was born on 20th September, 1809. He came to Nizhyn because his father V.H. Kukolnyk got a job as the first headmaster of the newly established gymnasium. He graduated from the Nizhyn Bezborodko Gymnasium of Higher Science (1821-1829). But, he did not get a certificate as he was accused of freethinking, which took place after the events in December 1825 (rebellion of the Decembrists).

ЗHe began his literary career while studying in High School, but first works were not reserved, as they were withdrawn while conducting a police search.

The Kukolnyk family was a member of the Uniate Church. Nestor’s godfather was the king Oleksandr the 1st. More than 27 composers wrote music to his poems (100 songs and romances) including M.I. Hlinka and P.P. Bulahov. He mystically died in Tahanroh. In 1931 his grave was desecrated. Today the place of the grave is unknown.