Trinity Church

Dating: 1733
Protection # : 828
Address: 19 Grebinky St
Categories: architectural monument;
Epoch: the Cossack Age;
Status: Architectural monument of national importance;
Personalities: A. Kartashevskyi;
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Trinity Church was built in 1727-1733 in the baroque style. In the 1830s a rebate ledge with a porch and a double-deck bell tower were added to the main entrance, which gave some features of classicism to the building. Inside the church some oil paintings of 19th century are preserved. Trinity Church together with St. Michael's and All Saints Greek churches creates a unique historical and architectural complex.

Trinity Church was built on the site of a wooden one. Cruciform in plan, extended along the axis to the west-east, stone, it is a typical example of Ukrainian churches of the 18th century. A hospital used to be there too.

The building was rebuilt in the 1930s: a portico was adjusted to the western side. The Portico and a bell tower were constructed with elegant decorative details and a high spire. Decorations of door and window frames were changed. The original pilasters and cornice were eliminated and shaped niches appeared.

In the late 19th century a carved wooden platform appeared on the southern side. It had a fenced yard with iron gates and a wicket. On the gates’ curving there is a signature: "In the decline of Burenko’s life. 1888".

Now the church’s building is occupied by a department of the State Archives of Chernihiv region.

Author(-s): L.M. Rudenko

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