Settlement “Maherky ІІ”

Dating: 2nd-1st millennium BC , 3rd – 5th, 9th – 13th century
Protection # : 130
Address: 1.5 kilometers from Nizhyn northwestern suburb
Categories: archeology monument;
Epoch: the Old Rus epoch; the Bronze age; the Early Stone Age;

A monument was opened in 1980-s by Yu. M. Sytyi, later it was investigated by O.S. Morozov. The monument is situated on the road to the village Nyzy 1.5 kilometers from Nizhyn northwestern suburb, and 1 kilometer from the settlement Maherky І.

It was found in 1986 by Yu.M. Sytyi. It is situated 1 km north of the settlement “Maherky“`and 1.5 km southeast of the village Nyzy. During the examination of the area of the monument by O.S. Morozov in 1994, the spot of the cultural layer was discovered southwest of the settlement along the road Nyzy - Nizhyn. The total area of the newly discovered area is 180Х60 m. The collection of fragments of the Old Rus circular pottery was selected. Some fragments of modeled utensils without ornamentation were selected in the central part of the monument [Morozov, 2008, p. 22]. Nowadays the settlement is permanently being ruined because of agricultural activities.

Author(-s): I.S. Kedun, O.H. Parkhomenko