Settlement "Maherky I"

Dating: XI century
Protection # : 130
Address: 0.5 km from the northwestern suburbs of Nizhyn
Epoch: the Old Rus epoch;
Categories: archeology monument;

The settlement was discovered in 1980s by O.M. Sytyi, later it was explored by O.S. Morozov but the actual digging began only in 2015. The settlement is situated in the northwestern suburbs of Nizhyn.

“Maherky I” settlement is situated 0.5 km north from the northwestern suburbs of Nizhyn (beyond the territory of Maherky district) on the edge of the Smolianka marsh. It was discovered by O.M. Sytyi in 1986. In 1994 O.S. Morozov explored the monument and designated two spots of the artifacts lay (20х50 and 25х80 square kilometers). The scientist managed to complete the collection of the 11th – 13th century ceramics and the series of individual artifacts.

During the recent years based on the archeological findings it was determined that the chronology of the settlement existing goes back not far than 11th century. The artifacts represent house ware (ceramics, tools etc.), jewelry (rings, crosses, bells) and weapon (arrowheads, spades, chain armor rings). Among the objects the remains of houses and industrial facilities were explored.

Author(-s): I.S. Kedun, O.H. Parkhomenko