The place of annalistic battle near Nizhyn – Lake on the Nezhatena Nyva (cornfield), 1078

Dating: 1078
Protection # : 459
Address: Territory around modern Nizhyn – Lake. It borders on the streets: Nizhno-ozerna, Parhomivskiy provulok, Shikeregrinivska, Vasilya Stusa.
Epoch: the Old Rus epoch;
Categories: archeology monument;
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According to one of the many versions, the place of the so called battle took place nearby modern Nizhyn – Lake. This suggestion is based on the fact that the name of the modern town, Nizhyn, originates from the name “Nezhatyna” of the Old Rus epoch. That`s why this lake could get its name in commemoration of the battle which took place near the Old Rus settlement.

The possible place of the mentioned battle on the Nezhatena Nyva (cornfield), 1078. There are some controversies in historiography concerning the place of the battle. According to one of the versions it took place in the east of Chernihiv. According to M.I. Lileyevym the battle took place near Vertiivka Village. Among the supporters of the theory of location annalistic Nizhatyn was located on the territory of modern Nizhyn, also exists the theory that the battle could take place nearby Nizhyn – Lake. Today the area around the pond is under surveillance.

Author(-s): Kedun I.S., Parhomenko O.H.

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