Church of the Epiphany

Dating: 1721р
Protection # : 5533-Чр
Address: Центральний ринок
Epoch: the Cossack Age;
Categories: architectural monument;
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1719-1721. Central Market<br />
The Church of the Epiphany or the Castle Church is situated on the territory of the modern Nizhyn market (the territory of the former Nizhyn castle).

It was called the Castle church because its parishioners were warriors of the garrison of the Nizhyn fortress and the inhabitants of the castle. There is an assumption that the church kept Swedish kernels that were used during the shelling of the Nizhyn fortress by the Swedes in 1708. Later, the shops that surrounded the church, along with the stone cellars were rented out.
Author(-s): Кулик Л.Ю

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