City Magistrate of Nizhyn

Dating: 1771 р
Address: м. Ніжин
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: А. Квасов;
Categories: Lost places;
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The stone building of the City Magistrate of Nizhyn was constructed in 1771 by the project A. Kvasova, on the site of the former wooden building ruined in fire.

Nizhyn Magistrate was a kind of building of city hall of the end of the XVIII-beginning of the XIX century. The building was settled in the style forms of classicism, consisted of a central two-story building and adjacent to it on both sides of one-storey shops. For several reasons, the building for several decades has become an emergency. By the order of the City Duma it was decided to dismantle the central part of the Magistrate Corps, which was completed in 1849.
Author(-s): Рой С. В., науковий співробітник НКМ ім. І. Спаського.

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