Belltower of All Saints Church

Dating: 1705 р
Address: Hrebinky Str. 31
Categories: Lost places;
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: A. Kartashevskyi; Діонісій;
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End of 19th Century. Hrebinky Str., 31&lt;br /&gt;<br />
The bell tower was constructed in 1705 in the territory of All Saints Church.

Like the church itself, it was rebuilt several times. Its final appearance was obtained during the construction of 1800-1805. The tiered bell tower had graceful decorative details characteristic of neoclassicism, columns of the Corinthian Order, completed with a bath. It was the tallest building in the city, serving as a kind of landmark for locals. It was destroyed in the 1930's in connection with the anti-religious campaign. Until our time, it has not survived, and has never been reconstructed.
Author(-s): Roy S.V.

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