St. Michael Greek Church

Dating: 1714-1729 рр
Protection # : 827
Address: вул. Гребінки, 31
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Categories: architectural monument; historical monument;
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St. Michael Greek Church was built on the site of the wooden church what was stood from 1680. It was ordained in 1731. It is a small, masonry, one bath building with a porch on the western side. On the north side of the altar wall are marble boards with Greek texts.<br />
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The rebuilding of the wooden St. Michael's Church began in 1714. It happened thanks to the Greek community, which had accumulated enough funds for construction. At the permission of Hetman I.Skoropadsky, a stone foundation was laid on the site of the previous wooden church. The construction lasted more than 10 years and was completed in 1729 by priest Nikolai Boshnyak. On May 28, 1731, the temple was consecrated by the Metropolitan of Kiev, Raphael Zaborovsky. This solemn event in the life of the Nizhyn Greeks was perpetuated with the inscription on the marble board, which still remains in the interior of the temple.
Author(-s): Кулик Л.Ю.

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