Ivan Heorhiiovych Spasskyi

Years of life: 08.03.1904 - 19.12.1990
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Personalities: Ivan Heorhiiovych Spasskyi;

A historian and a numismatist.

Was born on 8th March, 1904 in Nizhyn, in the family of the priest of Nizhyn Mykolaivskyi Cathedral of Heorhii (Jurii) Spaskyi archpriest.

He graduated from Nizhyn classical gymnasium by historical and philological Institute (1914-1921), NINO (1921-1925). After his graduation from the institute of linguistics and history of the material culture, which was attached to Leningrad State University (1928), he returned to Nizhyn and took part in the Nizhyn district Museum establishment, and became its first headmaster. The international scientific conferences “Spassky readings” (2010, 2012) were held in Nizhyn.

He was a leading expert on the Russian numismatics, the main guard of the department of numismatists of the State Hermitage. He was the founder of the Soviet (Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian) Numismatic scientific schools. He was buried in St. Petersburg.