Olha Stepanivna Khokhlova (Olha Ruiz Pikasso)

Years of life: 17.07.1891 - 11.02.1955
Categories: Personalities;
Personalities: Olha Stepanivna Khokhlova (Olha Ruiz Pikasso);

A ballet dancer.

Was born on 17thJuly, 1891 in Nizhyn.

She was known as the wife of the painter Pablo Picasso and as the mother of his son Paulo. Before marriage she performed in the troupe "Russian Ballet" of Serhii Diahilev. She left many portraits of Oleksandr Khokhlov, which had been written by P. Pikassso. The famous one was "A portrait of Olga in an armchair" which is stored in the Picasso Museum in Paris. She was buried in the cemetery of Grand Jas in Canny. The inscription on the tomb: "Olha Ruiz Picasso, born Khokhlova".