Yuliis Feders

Years of life: 19.06.1838 - 01.02.1909
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Personalities: Yuliis Fedders;

A Latin painter, a painting academician, a founder of Latin realistic landscape painting.

Was born on 19th June, 1838. In 1905, when the younger son Heorhii entered Nizhyn historical and philological Institute, the Feders family moved to Nizhyn.

He studied at the St. Petersburg’s Academy of Arts (1856-1862). An academician of the St. Petersburg’s Academy of Arts (1880). His paintings were exhibited in Russia, London (1872), Berlin (1886), Paris (1889). On 19th January, 1909 Yuliis Feders died in poverty in Nizhyn. The students of Nizhyn historical and philological Institute carried the coffin with the body of the artist the whole quarter on their hands. He was buried on the territory of St. Ioanno-Mylostyvoho Orthodox cemetery. A metal cross with the inscription was put on the grave: "Academician Yuliis Ivanovych Feders. 19.6.1838-19.1.1909". In 1984, the gravestone was officially transferred from Feders’ burial (already lost) to the central Trinity cemetery. A memorial plaque was placed on the facade of House 7 on Gogol square where Feders lived during 1905-1909 years.