The Merchants' House

Dating: 1899 р
Protection # (for objects of local significance) : 10012 – Чр
Address: вул. Гоголя 4
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: Ф. Арват; Г. Васильківський;
Categories: architectural monument;
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It is a two-storey stone house with the finishing characterizing the end of the 19th century. It was built in 1899 for the merchant elite or, the so-called, the Merchants` club, to hold the meetings.

The Merchants' House was built on the same place, where Kyiv gates were situated in 18th century. The given building was made for the Merchants` club. Only the representatives of the merchant elite had the admittance to this club. It was constructed in 1899, a two-storey stone house with basement. The Merchants' House played a significant role in cultural life of the city at the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1918 the War Revolutionary Committee was placed in the house. Since 1939the library of Nizhyn Hohol state teachers` training college has situated in this building. In 1985 the museum of “The Rare book” was created on the initiative of then rector of Nizhyn state teachers` training college F. Arvat and the director of the library N. Lenchenko on the basisof rare book collections of the college library – the one of the oldest scientific Ukrainian book collections. In 1986 the museum was named after the one of its foundation participants – professor Hryhoriy Vasylkivskiy (1905 – 1986). Nowadays this small chamber museum is situated in two halls of this building.
Author(-s): Рой С. В., науковий співробітник НКМ ім. І. Спаського

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