Hryhoriі (Heorhiі, Yurii) Yosypovych Konyskyi

Years of life: 20.11.1717 - 13.02.1795
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Personalities: Hryhoriі Yosypovych Konyskyi;

Monk Hryhorii (1717-1795). A religious and a social figure and an educator, was born on 20th November, 1717 in Nizhyn.

A metropolitan, a bishop and the Byelorussian archbishop, a professor and rector of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and the famous Ukrainian writer. The author of several works of poetry and prose, mainly on spiritual, moral and aesthetic issues. He was the Orthodox Church advocate, he was against the Union and the conversion of uniates to Orthodoxy.

He came from the noble Konyskyh family. He graduated from Kiev Academy (1728-1743). He founded (1757) and took care of Mohyla seminary. On 26th August, 1993 after the decision of the Synod of the Byelorussian Orthodox Church, Heorhii Konyskyi became a member of the locally venerated saints. In one of the poems, there are the lines, which are dedicated to the place of his birth, " GradNezhyn is my father and Kiev is my teacher". One street in Nizhyn was named after H. Konyskyi, but in 1919 it got a new name - Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Street.