Leonid Ivanovych Hlibov

Assumption Church

Assumption Church, built in 1761, used to have a magnificent view. In the 19th century a three-tier tower was attached to the western side. According to the stories and archives it was a rather large building, divided into the summer and winter church. In the summer of 1943, Soviet soldiers blew up five-domed Assumption Church, and in 1959 a tank ruined the remains of its walls.

Buildings of Post Office

The building of the post station complex – an example of architecture of the 18th century and represents the development of post services in Ukraine in general and in Nizhyn in particular. The complex was built in the 70's of the XVIII century. It consisted of two symmetrically built single-floor masonry wings, a two-stored building and two stables.

Church of the Transfiguration

The first wooden Church of the Transfiguration was built in 1673. The foundation of the new stone building of the temple was laid next to the old building in 1748.

Leonid Ivanovych Hlibov

A Ukrainian fabulist, a lyric poet, a cultural activist.

The house, in which Leonid Hlibov lived.

In 1852-55 and 1863-67, Leonid Hlibov (1827-93), a Ukrainian writer, poet, fabulist, editor, and public activist lived in this house.