Lost places

Almshouse of Greek yard

The masonry almshouse, situated in the former Greek yard was built after the decision of Nizhyn Greek Community in 1821. It was assigned for keeping sick, unable and poor old Greeks.

Assumption Church

Assumption Church, built in 1761, used to have a magnificent view. In the 19th century a three-tier tower was attached to the western side. According to the stories and archives it was a rather large building, divided into the summer and winter church. In the summer of 1943, Soviet soldiers blew up five-domed Assumption Church, and in 1959 a tank ruined the remains of its walls.

Belltower and Warm Building of TRANSFIGURATION OF THE SAVIOR Church

To the Transfiguration of the Savior Church, performed in baroque style in 1857, a warm church was added from the west, where worship was conducted mainly in winter, and a three-tier bell tower was completed. All monumental buildings represented an architectural ensemble in a single style.<br />

Belltower of All Saints Church

End of 19th Century. Hrebinky Str., 31&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
The bell tower was constructed in 1705 in the territory of All Saints Church.

City Magistrate of Nizhyn

The stone building of the City Magistrate of Nizhyn was constructed in 1771 by the project A. Kvasova, on the site of the former wooden building ruined in fire.

County School

Beginning of 19th Century. Moskovska Str.&lt;br /&gt;<br />
From 1789-1866 the County school was located on the street Grebynka, 2, and from 1816 - on the street Moskovskaya, 13. &lt;br /&gt;

Noble Club

First Half of 19th Century. Gogol Str.

Old Christmas St. George Monastery

19th Century. Vetkhe Area

Peter and Paul’s church of the Annunciation monastery with a bell tower

Peter and Paul heat church of the Annunciation monastery with a bell tower (1804-1814) is a bricked two-story building, which faced to Cathedral Square.

St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral

Initially wooden — later stone — the cathedral was built in gothic style in the 18th century for catholic officers and was dedicated to the patrons of the local church St. Peter and Paul. The cathedral was destroyed during the city liberation from the Nazi regime.

The Church of Saint Іoann Predtecha and shopping arcades

Saint Іoann Predtecha Church was built in 1842 as a warm, heated in winter, a Church at St Nicholas Cathedral. Originally had a classic style. 10 one-store stone benches of the Cathedral formed a shopping arcade - a long enclosure surrounded by an open gallery. Benches fenced off Cathedral complex from the square from the East on the same line with the apse of the Church of Іoann Predtecha , closely adhering to it. In the 20-ies of the 19th century the Church was distorted and converted into a municipal House of culture. An open gallery of shopping arcades was bricked up.