Church of Saint John the Gracious

Dating: 1780 р
Protection # : 10064-Чр
Address: 3-й мікрорайон, 97/15
Categories: architectural monument;
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: Ivan Ternaviot; Петро Тернавіот; Є.М.Величко; В.М.Фальковський;
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The church of Ioann Mylostyvyi was built in 1780 on the local Ioann Bohoslov (Ioann Mylostyvyi) cemetery on the southwestern outskirts of the city, which had a historical name of Obzharivshchyna. The cemetery appeared in 1732.

The history of the cemetery church is associated with the name of the Greek merchant family Ternaviot. Sterii Ivanovych Ternaviot arrived in Nizhyn from Macedonia in about 1671. Like other Greeks, he was attracted by its good geographical location. Sterii Ternaviot and his son Petro owned the right for "inductive taxes" in Nizhyn (they collected taxes on imported goods) for a long time. Both occupied the post of the local bailiff (Sterii in 1714-1718, and Petro in 1725-1750). Besides the position of Nizhyn bailiff in 1729 P. S.Ternavit was appointed by Hetman D.Apistol a "military executor", a collector of taxes to the military treasury. There was a spiritual shrine in the family - the icon of the Holy Mother of Iberia, transported to Nizhyn from Athos. The son of P.Ternaviot, Ivan willed to bury him at the Ioann Bohoslov cemetery, wishing that the shrine of Athos was transferred to the cemetery church of Ioann Mylostyvyi after his death.
Author(-s): Дмитренко Н.М.

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