Monument to Maria Zankovetska

Dating: 1993р
Address: Біля Міського будинку культури на площі М. Заньковецької
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In 1993, a memorial monument to the prominent Ukrainian actress Maria Kostyantynivna Zankovetska was installed.

Maria Kostiantynivna Zankovetska (1854-1934) An outstanding Ukrainian actress, was born on 4th August (on 23th July GC),1854in Zanky, Nizhyn district. She studied at Nizhyn private French boardingschool of Madame Sher. In 1876, she came out on a stage of the Nizhyn theater for the first time. Till the end of her life she did not break ties withthe Nizhyn theatrical circle, where she lived continuously from1902 till 1924 and off and on returning after her tours – till 1932. During (1906, 1913-1915) she worked as a chief of the Nizhyn amateur circle. The First Public Actress of the URSR (1923). To the ceremony of awarding this status a delegation from Nizhyn came. It consisted of F.D. Protsenko, T.A. Ahre and two girls from Zanky. After noticing her fellows, Maria broke into tears. They presented her with gifts and congratulations, they were: “….coryphaeusof the critics and literature incline their heads before Your genius and they admitted that Your talent shined brighter than a well-known talent of Sary Bernar…” Her house is saved till now. A college of culture and arts, a street, a square in Nizhyn are named after her. There is a memorial monument to Zankovetska (the sculptor is O.Skoblykov)

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