Tomb of the guard Major I. L. Khaitovych

Dating: вересень 1943 р
Address: вул.Шевченка, 10
Epoch: Радянська;
Categories: historical monument;
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4. Khaitovych Izrail Leibovych (1909 – 1943) is a native of Chernihiv. In 1931 he finished Orlovska armoured school. In 1938 he became a student of Stalin Military academy of mechanization and motorization. He met the World War II being a Chief of Staff of 34thmechanized brigade of the 2nd mechanized corps.

When the battle for the town was over, the regiment commander Khaitovych I. L. went to the corps headquarters with the report. Near the croft Baklanovo he got under the air strike and was mortally wounded. His body was transported to Nizhyn and buried in front of the building of technical college, where a military hospital was situated at that time. At the end of September 1943 according to the order of the commanders of the 7thmechanized corps the officer of the 215th tank regiment M. Kazaryan came back from the banks of the Dnipro River and established the tank T-70 on his commander`s grave.
Author(-s): Дмитренко Н.М.

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