The house in whichYu. F. Lysianskyi was born

Dating: Середина XVIII – I третина ХІХ ст
Protection # (for objects of local significance) : 5570-Чр
Address: вул. Богушевича, 1
Categories: historical monument; architectural monument;
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Status: Architectural monument of local importance;
Personalities: Yurii Fedorovych Lysianskyi;

A stone house dating back to the middle of the XVIII century served as a home to priests of Ioann Bohoslov (Bogoslov) church.

In this house a prominent navigator, investigator and Marine officer was born in a family of a priest F. Lysianskyi in 1773. Yurii Fedorovych Lysianskyi made the first Russian round-the-world voyage on the sailing ship «Neva» in 1803 – 1806. The results of the trip were described by Yu. F. Lysianskyi in his two-volume book «Round-the-world voyage on the sailing ship «Neva» in 1803 – 1806».
Author(-s): Діденко Т.О.