The House in which M.K. Zankovetska, the first People's Artist of the USSR lived

Dating: 19th century
Address: 11 Zankovetska street
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: P. Saksagansky; M. Sadovsky; M. Hrushevsky; M. Kropivnickytsky; I. Maryanenko; B. Romanitskiy;
Categories: historical monument;
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This house in 1902 was bought by the first People's Artist of Ukraine Mariya Zankovetska (Adasovska; 1854-1934.). She lived in it from 1902 to 1926. During this time, this house (11, Suchkovyi Lane) was visited by M. Hrushevsky, M. Kropivnicki, P. Saksagansky, M. Sadovsky and I. Maryanenko.

The house, in which from 1902 to 1926 lived the founder of Ukrainian professional theater, the coryphaeus of Ukrainian scene, the first People's Artist of Ukraine Maria K. Zankovetska (1854-1934). Her name stood next to the names of such world stars as Amanori Duse and Sarah Bernhardt.

In 1902 Zankovetska bought a small house with a farmstead in Suchkovy Lane (now Zankovetska Str). Natalya MikhaiIivna Bogomolets-Lazurska, a friend of M. Zankovetska, remembered this dwelling: "A red-brick house of Maria Constantynivna was set in a green clean courtyard. Nearby there was a small garden, which led to a magnificent terrace...". Unfortunately, except for the house, nothing has remained. A memorial plaque reminds of the fact, that here lived the great actress. The first memorial plaque was installed in 1960. In December 1993 a new memorial plaque (with more accurate data) was installed on the house.

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