The house where famous Ukrainian scientist, pathophysiologist O. O. Bohomolets lived.

Dating: поч. ХІХ ст
Address: вул. Воздвиженська 26
Categories: historical monument; architectural monument;
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Status: Architectural monument of local importance;
Personalities: Олександр Михайлович Богомолець;
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In the Stone house, situated in Vozdvyzhenska Street, 26 (former Shchorsa Street) during 1886-1906 the scientist with the world known name, OleksandrBohomolets spent his childhood together with his family. The house is valuable architectural monument of the first part of the 19th century.

The house where the Bohomolets family lived in Nizhyn is the valuable Ukrainian architecture monument of beginning of the 19th century. After the scientist`s death Nizhyn Executive Committee of the City Council made the house a memorial one. On the memorial board, which is installed on the house façade it is shown with golden letters, that it was there, where from 1888 till 1904 academician O. O. Bohomolets lived. The manor is situated on the bank of the river Oster, opposite it there is a beautiful institute park. The one-store-house, due to the words of the former citizens had a façade, which was adorned by wooden columns, with two wings of superstructure building. From 1940 the house was given over to vet laboratory property together with its garden. This institution employees look after the linden alcove and lilac alley till now.
Author(-s): Рой С. В., науковий співробітник НКМ ім. І. Спаського

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