The building in which thу distinguished Latin artist Yu.I.Fedders lived

Dating: ХІХ century
Address: 7 Mykola Gogol Square
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: Yuliis Fedders;
Categories: historical monument;
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In September 1905 in this house settled the family of the famous Latin artist Yuliy Ivanovych Fedders (1838-1909). The artist’s son Georgii studied in the Nizhyn Historical and Philological Institute. In 1909 Yulii Fedders died. The artist’s grave is placed at the Troyitsk Cemetery. At the time when in this house lived Yu. Fedders with his son Georgii, the street on which it was located, was called Instytutska Street.<br />

The house in which the Latin artist lived, the founder of realistic landscape painting, the academician of Petersburg Academy of Arts Yulii Ivanovych Fedders is located on Mykola Gogol Square, 7 (former Instytutska str., area of NSU). Nowadays it is the building of the Nizhyn sanitary-epidemiological station.

In September 1905 the artist's family moved from Latvia to Nizhyn because the artist’s son Georgii wished to study at Nizhyn Institute of History and Philology. The Fedders family settled in the house near the institute and the artist died there. The artist’s grave is placed at the Troyitsk Cemetery.

On the house where the artist lived there is a memorial plaque: "In this house (1905-1909) lived the distinguished Latin artist, Academician Fedders Yulii Ivanovych". On the building there is also a heritage board "Ukrainian SSR. Monument of history. Historic building. Protected by the state, damage is punishable by law".

The picture of the artist - "Count's Corner Park in Nizhyn", dated 1905th year, is stored in the picture gallery of Nizhyn State University.

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