Tymofii Oleksandrovych Dokshytser

Years of life: 13.12.1921 - 16.03.2005
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Personalities: Tymofii Oleksandrovych Dokshytser;

The world’s famous musician, a trumpet virtuoso, a scholar, a writer and a teacher.

Was born on 13th December, 1921 in Nizhyn.

He constantly communicated with Nizhyn citizens and led correspondence with them. He came to Nizhyn in 70-90-s of the 20th century. He performed a concert in Nizhyn children's music school (1978).

He was one of the greatest solo trumpeters of the 20th century. Public Actor of the RSFSR (1976), a professor Gnesin music and pedagogical Institute (1971-1990), a conductor of the Bolshoi Theater (1957-1959), a soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, a teacher of the Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki (1991-1992). Being a member of the Moscow Military District, he took part in the parade on Red Square on 7th November, 1941.

2In 2009, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, arranged the Dokshyzer International competition for musicians on brass instruments.

His works: “Out of the trumpeter’s memorandum book” (1995), “A trumpeter on the horse” (1996), “The way to creation” (1998).