Osyp Matviiovych Tverdovskyi

Years of life: 01.11.1891 - 16.04.1930
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Personalities: Osyp Matviiovych Tverdovskyi;

A UNR front-line soldier.

Was born on 1st November, 1891 in Nizhyn.

According to the birth certificate, he was christened in Nizhyn Ioann Bohoslov Church as Yosyf. His father was a Cossack of Nizhyn. He graduated from Nizhyn gymnasium.

During the First World War he was a cornet of the Russian army. He participated in the battle of Kruty. He belonged to the cohort of the founders of the OUN and was a member of the senior management –the leadership of the Ukrainian nationalists. He was awarded the Order of St. Heorhii for bravery, He was the head of the Ukrainian nationalists in the Liuksemburg and in adjacent areas of France (1929).

He died in Eshi-Altset in Liuksemburg principality.

Author(-s): Желєзко Р.А.