Panteleimon Oleksandrovych Kulish

Years of life: 07.08.1819 - 14.02.1897
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Personalities: Panteleimon Oleksandrovych Kulish;

A prominent Ukrainian writer, a historian, a folklorist, an ethnographer, a translator and a public figure.

Was born on 7th August, 1819.

He worked at the office of Nizhyn Bezborodko physico-mathematical Lyceum (1836). The author of the first Ukrainian historical novel "Black Board" (1846). Events of this book took place in Nizhyn in 1663. According to Ivan Franko’s words, "Black Board" – is "the best historical novel in our literature", and Taras Shevchenko wrote: "Thank you, dear God, my big friend for "Black Board". I read it twice, and would read for the third time and I’m sure to say nothing but thanks…".

A participant ofthe Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood. The author of the first phonetic alphabet for the Ukrainian language, which lieson the basis of the modern Ukrainian spelling. He translated the Bible, almost all the poemsof Shakespeare, Goethe and John Byron. He spent last years of his life in a small village of Motronivka (now is Olenivka) Borznianskyi region, where he was buried.