Pylyp Semenovych Morachevskyi

Years of life: 26.11.1806 - 26.09.1879
Categories: Personalities;
Personalities: Pylyp Semenovych Morachevskyi;

A Ukrainian writer and a romantic poet, a translator and a teacher.

Was born on 26th November, 1806. An inspector of Nizhyn BezborodkoJuridical Lyceum and urban gymnasium (1849-1859). In Nizhyn he planned to translate the Scripture into Ukrainian.

He made the first full Ukrainian translation of Gospel (completed in November 1861). Later, he translated "Acts of the Apostles", "Apocalypse", "Psalter". Russian Academy of Sciences admitted his translation as one of the best among all the similar Slavic translations, but because of the language policy of the Russian Empire, Gospel was printed only in 1906. He wrote one course in the Ukrainian language: “Sacred stories” for primary schools and public reading. The fate of some manuscripts is unknown. He died in the village of Shniakivka, Nizhyn district, and was buried on the cemetery near the village’s church.

He was awarded the Order of Stanislav III (1859).