The house of former District Court

Dating: І половина ХІХ ст
Address: вул. Гребінки,4
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: О.М.Лазаревський;
Categories: historical monument; architectural monument;
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Oleksandr Lazarevskyi (1834-1902), Ukrainian historian, worked here. Hrebinka Str., 4

The house in which in 1874 was opened District Court of the 3rd category. The court had two divisions – the criminal and the civil affairs. It was the court of the first instance for all classes. An outstanding historian O. M. Lazarevsky worked there. He was well-known researcher of the history of the Left Bank of Ukraine during the Hetmanate period. In 1874, District Court of the 3rd category was opened in Nizhyn. The court had two divisions - criminal and civil affairs. He was the court of first instance for all classes and considered cases that were within the competence of the peace judges. In 1874 I. Shcherbachev was appointed by the order of the Ministry of Justice to the post of the chairman of the Nizhyn District Court, and O. M. Lazarevsky (1834-1902) was appointed to the position of the member of the District Court. While working in the judicial department, he studied the archival documents on the history of the Left Bank of Ukraine at the XVII-XVIII. He was interested in the archives of the General Military Office and the Chernihiv.
Author(-s): Діденко Т.О.

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