Church of the Transfiguration

Dating: 1757р
Protection # : 1768
Address: вул. Московська
Categories: architectural monument; historical monument;
Epoch: the Cossack Age;
Personalities: T.G. Shevchenko; Leonid Ivanovych Hlibov;
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The first wooden Church of the Transfiguration was built in 1673. The foundation of the new stone building of the temple was laid next to the old building in 1748.

Three large baths, crocheted with semicircular vaults, are located on one axial line of the building, which were characteristical of the traditional Ukrainian architecture of 17-18 centuries. On May 17, 1861, an all-night funeral service took place on the churchyard over Taras Shevchenko, when the last way of the Great Kobzar to Ukraine passed through Nizhyn. In memory of this sad event in 1991, a memorial sign was built. After a long break on August 19, 1998, the first Divine service in the walls of the temple took place.
Author(-s): Кулик Л.Ю.

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