Shneierson’s Synagogue

Dating: вул. Московська 22
Protection # (for objects of local significance) : 10038-Чр
Address: вул. Московська 22
Categories: architectural monument;
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: Ізраїль Ноах Шнеерсон;
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1910s. Moskovska Str., 22

Shneierson’s Synagogue was built in 1850. Its original name was the Schnejerson House of Prayer, which operated from 1851 until the revolutionary events of the twentieth century. This is a two-story brick building, typical of the middle of the nineteenth century with monumental decorative elements. Shneierson’s Synagogue resumed its activities in 1921, and completely ceased its activities in 1933.
Author(-s): Рой С. В., науковий співробітник НКМ ім. І. Спаського

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