The Michael Lihda`s house of chemist`s is the oldest private chemist`s shop in Left-Bank Ukraine (1777)

Dating: Second half of the 18th century
Number of the order of the Ministry of Culture of the entry in the register : 1566
Date of the order of the Ministry of Culture of the entry in the register : 2012-12-21
Protection # : 10036-Чр
Address: 2B Moskovska street
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Status: Architectural monument of local importance;
Categories: historical monument; architectural monument;
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In this house a private pharmacy shop was opened in 1777 by the retired doctor of Izyum hussar regiment, Nizhyn Greek Michael Lihda. The pharmacy is the oldest private pharmacy shop in Left-Bank Ukraine. During its existence the building didn`t undergo any significant reconstruction. Due to its architectural forms and proportions the building harmonizes with ambient historically architectural surroundings and represents an example of façade building of Stare Misto at the turn of the 18th -19th centuries. Indoors there is a museum, where documents about the history of the chemist`s shop, ancient chemist`s crockery, medicine cabinet, old recipes of medicine are exhibited.

The chemist`s shop was opened with the permission of Medical board. In Lihda chemist`s viewing report in 1778 Doctor of Medicine Paulson ascertained its eligibility, availability of essential medicine, crockery and furniture.

The house of pharmacy is a one-storeyed stone building on the basement. The building had 2 entries from Moskovska St. The attic with grated windows was used for drying and keeping medical herbs. By the chemist`s there was a proper kitchen garden.

According to the plan the building is complicated because of a plot configuration. Supple facades are built on the basis of framework, made of tablings and pilasters. In the tabling decoration cogged frieze is used. Window slits are of different width. Above the narrower slits there semicircular fascias, above the wider ones – triangular. The building is an example of a rare building on the Left-Bank of the 18th century for such a purpose.

Author(-s): Руденко Л.М.

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