Cellars of Lost Nizhyn Town Magistrate

Dating: ХVІІI –XIX ст
Address: Вулиця Гоголя (між Всіхсвятським та Троїцьким соборами)
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: А. Квасов;
Categories: archeology monument; architectural monument;
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The remains of basements were discovered in 2002 as a result of the truck failure. As a result of the research carried out in 2016, geo-radar studies found that signals from underground objects were detected on all areas where georadar survey was conducted.

Presence of historical references confirms the presence in this part of the old city of the extensive network of underground tunnels. The direct descent of the geo-radar command under the ground into one of these tunnels confirms the presence of large vaulted tunnels under the central part of the city of Nizhyn. It is probably the remains of the cellars of the Greek and city magistrates. In 2017, their full archeological research have began.
Author(-s): Кедун І. С., Пархоменко О. Г.

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