Buildings of Post Office

Dating: 70-ті роки XVIII ст
Number of the order of the Ministry of Culture of the entry in the register : 1566
Date of the order of the Ministry of Culture of the entry in the register : 2012-12-21
Protection # : 10052-Чр
Protection # (for objects of local significance) : 122(I)
Address: вул. Думська,4; вул. Поштова, 5
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Personalities: Mykola Vasylovych Gogol; Yevhen Pavlovych Hrebinka; М. Ломоносов; Д. Фонвізін; А. Пушкін; А. Грибоєдов; М. Глинка; T.G. Shevchenko; Mark Vovchok; І.Ю.Рєпін; М. Лисенко; Mykola Semenovych Samokysh;
Categories: architectural monument;
Personalities: Leonid Ivanovych Hlibov;

The building of the post station complex – an example of architecture of the 18th century and represents the development of post services in Ukraine in general and in Nizhyn in particular. The complex was built in the 70's of the XVIII century. It consisted of two symmetrically built single-floor masonry wings, a two-stored building and two stables.

The Department "The Post Station" of Nizhyn Ivan Spasky local history museum is here now. In the museum, showcases with original collections of travelers’ way of life are represented: postal stationery, ink-pots of the 19th-20th centuries, candlesticks, collections of Russian and Ukrainian stamps, materials about the functioning of Nizhyn post station and the work of its employees. According to one of the archive sources, the interior of a stationmaster’s room with the working place and a restroom for travelers are reproduced in a separate room.
Author(-s): Радей І.В.