Settlement Vozdvyzhensky

Dating: 10th-13th century
Protection # : 856
Address: 8-14 Vozdvyzhenska Street
Epoch: the Old Rus epoch;
Categories: archeology monument;
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The settlement was discovered in the 1990s by A. Morozov during the archaeological explorations in the central part of Nizhyn city. Currently the study of the monument is complicated by the fact that it is under private buildings.

The settlement is located in the central part of Nizhyn city, on the right bank of the river Oster. It is located on the territory of private plots at 8-14 Vozdvyzhenska Street; on an elevated part of about 1.5 meters high, on a capelike edge of the coastal protrusion, formed by the mouth of the Oster river and the mouth of an unnamed creek that flows from the pond to the natural track of Obidovschyna (Count’s garden). The memorial borders in the northeast on Vozdvyzhenska street (courtyard houses 8-14) in the northwest – on Syvkov street, south and south-west on the floodplain of the Oster. The cultural layer is registered on the area (50-70) by 220 m. The upturned material was represented by the fragments of ancient Rus circular ceramics that can be dated by the end of the 10th - the beginning of the 13th century [Morozov, 2007, p. 8-9]. Studies on the territory of the settlement were not carried out, but in 2005 on the estate at 2 Vozdvyzhenska Street it was found out that the cultural layer was completely destroyed by later excavations. This situation can also be observed on the territory of the monument itself.

Author(-s): Kedun I.S., Parkhomenko O.H.

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