Memorial Plaque. In this house Serhii Korolev spent his childhood in 1908-1914.

Dating: 1987р
Address: вул. Я. Батюка
Categories: Monuments;
Personalities: Serhii Pavlovych Korolov;

It was opened in 1987 on Batiuk Str., to the left of the facade of the building of the Nizhyn region state administration.

Serhii Pavlovych Korolev (1907-1966) A Ukrainian scientist in the field of rocketry and astronautics, a designer. He is considered to be the founder of practical astronautics. He was born on 14th January(on 30thDecember GC), 1906.He spent his childhood in Nizhyn (1906-1914) and studied at Nizhyn gymnasium. He was an academician of the USSR (from 1958). He was a designer of the first artificial satellites and spacecrafts. Under his leadership, the first spacecrafts of the series "Luna", "Venus", "Mars", "Probe"were created, some satellites of the series as "Cosmos" and a project of the spacecraft "Soiuz". He was arrested. An asteroid was named after his name (1855).