Memorial Plaque in Tribute to Countrymen and Peacekeepers. Shevchenko Str.

Dating: 15 вересня 1996 року
Address: У сквері на розі вулиць Т. Шевченка і 3-й мікрорайон
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Shevchenko Str.
On September 15, 1996, a monument to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan was opened in Nizhyn.

The author is a sculptor Alexander Pavlovich Skoblykov, an artist of Ukraine, an honorary citizen of Nizhyn. The monument consists of two parts, which are independent of each other, although in aggregate it creates its ensemble. The first part is the two concrete planes inclined to each other, faced with granite and decorative aluminum, 6.6 m high and 5.6 m wide and 6 m wide. The second part is the figure of warrior with a height of 1.2 m in bronze, which is installed in the depths of monolithic granite. The height of the entire monument is 3 m., The pedestal is 1,7 m.