Monument to Taras Shevchenko

Dating: 21 вересеня 1991р
Address: парк ім. Т. Г. Шевченка
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Personalities: T.G. Shevchenko;
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On September 21, 1991, a monument to T. Shevchenko was opened in Nizhyn.<br />
The monument is located on the central alley of the city park, which is named after the poet. The author is a famous Ukrainian sculptor, an artist Oleksandr Pavlovich Skoblikov (1929-2005).

Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko (9 March [O.S. 25 February] 1814 – 10 March [O.S. 26 February] 1861) was a Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, public and political figure, as well as folklorist and ethnographer. His literary heritage is regarded to be the foundation of modern Ukrainian literature and, to a large extent, the modern Ukrainian language. Shevchenko is also known for many masterpieces as a painter and an illustrator

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