Monument to Mykola Gogol, Mykola Gogol Park

Dating: 1881р
Address: парк ім. Гоголя
Categories: Monuments;
Personalities: Mykola Vasylovych Gogol;
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Mykola Gogol Park

Mykola Vasylovych Gogol (1809-1852) a Ukrainian writer, a novelist, a playwright, was born on 1st (20 GC) March,1809. He studied at the NizhynBezborodkoHigh School of Science (1821-1828). There he wrotehis first literary works: satire "Something about Nizhyn, or laws are not written to fools”," the poem “Hants Kukhelharten”; published manuscript almanacs; he established an amateur theater, where he was a director, an actor and a designer. Nizhyn citizenscommemorate M.Gogol; the first monument to Gogol was opened in1881(the sculptor was P. Zabila). To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the writer a memorial plaque (1909) on the façade of the institute was opened; The M.Gogol Museum (1927) was created; on the territory of Nizhyn Gogol State University a monument to the writer (1975) is placed. The central street in the city, a square, a university and a school 5 are name after him.

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