Stefantiev Coffee-house

Dating: кін. ХVIII ст
Number of the order of the Ministry of Culture of the entry in the register : 1566
Date of the order of the Ministry of Culture of the entry in the register : 2012-12-21
Protection # : 10060-Чр
Address: вул. Яворського, 3
Epoch: the Imperial epoch;
Categories: architectural monument;
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The building was erected in the late XVIII century. It had several reconstructions: during the first, at the end of the nineteenth century, the facade was changed, and then in the second half of the XXth century, the layout of the building was changed in order to adapt it to modern needs. With its architectural forms and proportions, the structure harmoniously fits the surrounding historical and architectural environment. It is a great example of the Facade building of the Old City Street at the turn of the XVIII - XIX centuries.

The house is located in the central part of the city, on the red line of the Yavorskoho Street. The main facade faces the park, located in front of the Mykolaivskyi Sobor (St. Mykolaivskyi Cathedral) in the nineteenth century. Originally the house was the cornerstone, the northern facade was facing a small lane, which was also liquidated in the nineteenth century during the consolidation of the quarters. The building was built in the late 18th century. It is shown on the plan of 1802 as a brick building. In the nineteenth century it has undergone some alterations: the attic has been added to the main facade, the crosspieces of the window slits became lucid. It’s a one-story building, with a basement. Initial planning was, obviously, sectional and consisted of two volumes, between which a ledge from the side of the courtyard was made. The enfilade planning system is partially preserved in the courtyard section.
Author(-s): Радей І.В.

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