Outbuilding of Peleponov Estate

Dating: кін. XVIII ст
Address: вул.Гребінки, 6
Categories: architectural monument;
Epoch: the Cossack Age; the Imperial epoch;
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End of 18th Century. Hrebinky Str., 6

Outbuilding of Peleponov Estate, End of 18th Century. Hrebinky Str., 6 Greek street (modern name Hrebinka str.) is one of the oldest streets of the city and the main street of the Nezhin Greek quarter. From the ХVІІІ century it was built by the mansions and public buildings of the Nizhyn Greeks. Until our time some stone buildings of that time have survived. There is the outbuilding of Peleponov Estate among them.
Author(-s): Ємельянов В.М.

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