The Folk Museum of Ukrainian ancient costume and everyday life of Nizhyn children`s choreographic school

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Status: Architectural monument of national importance;
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Museums are cultural educational and research establishments which play an important role in the formation of the world-view of Ukrainian citizens. This is a special layer of civilization, which brings national culture and traditions to the world. In picturesque Nizhyn one of the newest museums is The Museum of Ukrainian ancient costume and everyday life of Nizhyn children’s choreographic school. It was opened on the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine on the basis of the only one choreographic school in Chernihiv region with the aim of more effective work of the younger generation and youth.

In 2009 by the Resolution of the Board of culture and tourism management of Chernihiv Regional State Administration of 23 December 2009 № 16 the Museum of Ukrainian ancient costume and everyday life of the children’s choreographic school was awarded the status of folk.

The Museum`s exhibits are divided into three main exposition sections:

- the Ukrainian ancient costume

- Household goods

- the Ukrainian rushnyk (towel)

Clothes can say much about a person. The national costume will say a lot about a nation. For ages, things have played both an aesthetic and protective role. There is a part of our vivid nation`s soul in embroidery, exactly the embroidered shirt is an inalienable attribute of the Ukrainian costume.

The rushnyk, as a special, highly sacral object, is typical of many nations, especially of the Slavic, Baltic, Ugro-Finnic groups. During all his life rushnyks (towels) were important for a person. They were special mediators, that is negotiators between God and man. Towels were used, considering their great power and magic in different life situations.

And nowadays, traditions don`t die away, any wedding can’t do without a Ukrainian embroidered rushnyk.

The expositions of household items and housewares are also eye-catching.

Irons of the 20th century. Hlechyks and chuhunetses (clay pots). Bodnia (borrel) for fat of the 19th century. Solomianyk (straw vessel) is one of the ancient kinds of wicker ware that existed in Chernihiv area. For its production straw and wicker, bast or elm were used. Wicker chests were also popular. Ukrainians are a hard-working nation….

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